Goodbye TinyDeal

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Goodbye for ever TinyDeal, and enjoy in money you stole from me and mine countryman. I hope it is last money you will ever earn

Now, I can influence on people in mine country but i cannot influence on other people

i purchased this

After i didn't receive it for about 1 month (usually get about 20 days)
I have started chat (operator was Lucas)

chat was something like this>
Radoje: " Hello"
Lucas: "Hi"
Radoje: "I have small problem with order no. 475788001496866061 so i want to check just in case"
Lucas: "How can I help you"
Radoje: " I ordered and payed for item over a month ago and i still didn't get it, usually takes ~20 days"
Lucas:" Please wait"
Lucas: "We dispatched to you 2011-9-6, considering it is international,"
Lucas: "Please kindly note that the shipping time is 2-4 weeks, and 4 weeks are normal "
Radoje: "yes i know, but i receive other item i ordered in exactly same time "
Lucas - "it is normal"
Radoje: "OK, thank you"

2 weeks later, after i didn't get this item, I started chat again(this time with Gladys)>

Radoje: "Order 475788001496866061 still didn't arived in my countrie"
Gladys: We will raise a written query to our post office about your item, and urge post office to deliver the parcel sooner. It may takes some time to get reply from post office. we appreciate your patience.
Radoje: "OK, tnx"

1 week later i started chat again(this time with Snow:)
Radoje: Hello
Radoje: about order no. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Snow:yes, how can I help you
Radoje: did you resolve it
please wait moment till i check
Snow: We contacted china post but we don't have any info from their side
Snow: Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience to you.
Radoje: When can I finally expect mine money back
Snow: Please wait couple more days
Radoje: OK, i hope this time you will finally resolve your isue with your post office cause oackage didn't arived to mine country

10 days later, i started chat (again Show)
Radoje: shipment No. 475788001496866061 still didn't arrived to my country
Snow: Please wait for a moment, I am checking for you.
Snow: Sorry for the inconvenience.
Snow: Please wait for more days. We have raised the written query to our post office. It takes more time to get the reply from post office.
Snow: If you have received the item, please inform us.
Snow: If post office comfirms your item is lost, we will refund money to you or resend a good and new item to you as compensation.
Snow: Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience to you.
Radoje: that you told me 7 days ago
Radoje: it is pass almost 40 days
Snow: we have contacted our post and it usually takes time as international shipping, we will be responsible after confirm with the post, thanks
Radoje: i purchashed alot from TinyDeal always without problem(package arrived in 20~30days). But this is ridiculous
Snow: sorry for the delay, we will be responsible after confirm, thanks
Radoje: i purchased it 2011-09-05
Snow: please don't worry, we will be responsible after confirm, thanks
Radoje: same time when i purchase order No. 476185001496861071. And i receive that
Snow: please wait a few more days, thanks
Radoje: after confirm ? who should confirm that i didn't get package
Snow: china post
Radoje: you told me they have confirmed that they lost it "If post office comfirms your item is lost, we will refund money to you or resend a good and new item to you as compensation."
Snow: yes'
Radoje: that is all confirmation that you need
Radoje: you have proof that your post lost it
Snow: we will get inform from them
Radoje: They already informed you that they lost it. So refund me

15 days later(Miya)>
Miya: yes, but the post office still did not confirm, so would you please try to wait with us for the result?
Radoje: It has being pass 2 month AND I WANNA MY MONEY BACK. My postoffice is not an problem, my custom is not problem, generally country is not an problem. YOUR POSTALOFFICE LOST PACKAGE
Radoje: You told me that 10 days ago
Miya: please go to the link to check the policy for this issue
Miya: thanks
Radoje: I have read it. So what ????
Radoje: I reported issue 15 days ago
Radoje: IN TIME
Miya: We will get back to you as soon as we get any feedbacks from post office. All the solutions we can provide must need the confirmation from post office. If you receive your item during this period, please let us know.
Radoje: Sep 29, 2011 frst time i have raport
Miya: yes, we also hope we can get the result as soon as possible to solve the problem quickly
Radoje: OHHHHH. So point is next: "Dear customer, you can wait till judgment day till we refund you money FOR ITEM WE KNOW THAT YOU DIDN'T RECEIVED"
Radoje: Same story at Oct 12, 2011 >"Gladys: We will raise a written query to our post office about your item, and urge post office to deliver the parcel sooner. It may takes some time to get reply from post office. we appreciate your patience."
Miya: sorry your order was sent without tracking number so it needs longer shipping time and checking time, please trust us, we must inform you when we get the result from post office
Radoje: OHHH. "Dear customer, we say "free shipping" but if you don't pay you will never get ordered item"
Radoje: I ordered lot of stuff from TinyDeal, and never had problem
Radoje: TILL NOW
Radoje: I really needed that item BUT THAT WAS 20 DAYS AGO
Miya: we understand, and we are really hope you can get it as soon as possible, but the policy is here, we need to wait for it at the moment from post office, thanks for your cooperation.
Radoje: If your postaloffice don't give you info for next 5 days WHAT THEN!!!!!
Miya: we cannot confirm when the post office will give us the confirm actually, but we will solve the problem for you if you did not get it till Nov. 15th, ok?
Radoje: OK THEN.
Radoje: We will talk again Nov. 15
info: Your chat transcript will be sent to at the end of your chat.
Radoje: bye
Miya: bye
Radoje: I expecting money OR ITEM (I sincerely doubt so) till 15 Nov.

I waited till Nov. 15 as we aranged (this time Zoe)

She have nerve to offer me 15% refund!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
After much talking and talking, and talking, and talking she offered me 30%.

Dear TinyDeal i should tell you what you can do with 30%

After this first thing i have done is to go to CafeDelMontenegro (largest online shopping comunity in mine country) where I was Moderator some time ago.
I've seen that lot of people have same or similar issue with tinydeal. Congratulation you manage to lose about 300 clients(they were buying almost on daily base )

Naturally your EBay account also wont be spared from bad review

Last chat (with lucas)

lucas: when the post office confirms this, we can refund it to you.
lucas: yes


Post at: 11/15/2011 7:23:19 PM
I don't think this is TinyDeal's fault, they have sent the package, the shipment is done by the post which is out of their control, try to get contact with your local post, sometimes it's just the local post forget to deliver the package.

Post at: 11/15/2011 10:32:16 PM
Radoje Jovanovic, you really need to have more patience to shop from China. I had a package which have taken over 2 months, but finally i received it. I don't expect much after making orders here, so when the packages come fast, it will be a surprise, if the shipment takes very long time, i won't be upset.

Post at: 11/16/2011 3:25:18 AM
Radoje Jovanovic  у меня та же проблема. Сначала сказали почта подтвердила что посылка утеряна и мы вернем вам деньги. Потом сказали как почта подтвердит об утере посылки тогда мы вам вернем деньги. Прощай tinydeal подавитесь моими деньгами!!!!!!

Radoje Jovanovic  I have the same problem. First, said that sending mail confirmed lost, and we will return your money. Then they said the postal service confirm the parcel is lost on you then we will refund the money. Farewell tinydeal choke on my money !!!!!!


Post at: 11/17/2011 1:21:09 AM
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Не кому не рекомендую покупать что-либо здесь. Эти китайские пидары не возвращают деньги и присылают брак. 

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