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TinyDeal Mini Digital Camcorder VDV-33405 (review)

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(taken by VDV-33405)

How the DV Looks Like

Video and Photo Shooting


Conclusion: Worth Buying. Photos are fantastic, videos are not so extraordinary.
1. The store honestly told customers that the resolution of the CMOS sensor is 5.1 megapixels, which is approximately the effective resolution of the camera. It means if there is no additional processing, the camera would shoot a picture of 2560 x 1920 (equals to about 5.1 million). The interpolated resolution of 12 Mega pixels means the camera is able to shoot pictures as big as 4032 x 3024 (about 12.1 million), but the extra 7 mega pixels were reproduced by inner software.
In fact, 5 mega pixels effective resolution is enough for non-professional use. Many camera sellers only tell you the maximum (interpolated) resolution of a product is 12 MP or 14 MP, but the effective resolution might be 5 MP to 8 MP.
2. The camera is able to capture characters on books or PC screens in a very clear mode, if the distance between camera and object is short. In a long distance, the characters become blur -- even if you zoom in, they are still blur.
4. Able to zoom in and out during video recording.
5. Focusing is very quick. Image does not become blur for zooming in/out, change of brightness, or shift of colors.
6. The camera is able to record videos fluently when it is being moved, if the light is strong.
7. No problem with data transmission from camera to SD card during the recording of 1280x720 video. I mention this because I once tried another camera with the problem. It had the option of 720P video, but could only shoot 720x480 videos. When I was shooting 720P videos, it said there was data transmission problem. I used the same SD card in the two tests.
9. Voice is very clear in videos, not harsh.
10. Has a small LED light which enables close-up shots in darkness.
In general, it is just a low-end Camera. Its performance in dark places is not very good.
1. Contrast is low, so videos are not so lifelike in terms of color. The Camera is unable to distinguish minor difference between close colors in darkness.
2. Auto White Balance ability is not high. When light is weak, colors of image seem a little bit darkened. When light is strong, image colors are a bit pale.
4. Does not support continuous photo shooting. You have to wait about one second between two shots.
5. No Flash Lamp, while LED lamp cannot lighten far place. So it is unable to have distant shots in darkness.
6. If the light is weak, focusing becomes slow, so there will be smoothness problem in video recording.

1. Image Format: JPG. Video Format: AVI.
2. Supports 31 minutes of continuous video recording for one time. Battery Supports video recording of about 55 minutes.
2. There is a sliding key on the top of the camera to help focus. One end is to make close objects like characters clear, and the other is to increase the acutance of distant objects.
3. Shooting keys for video recording and image recording are not the same. You need to hold one second after pressing the video shooting key to start or stop shooting.
4. 3 times optical zoom can be completed by 21 steps.
5. Has Sepia and Black & White color effect.

Post at: 12/19/2013 5:31:50 AM
I bought few items like this here, it is piece of cheap plastic and work one day, do not buy that. Seller also do not want refund money.

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