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Why will not the P05-1B4G accept any sim cards?

Last post 6/23/2011 4:53:42 AM by Anders 1 replies.
Post at: 6/23/2011 4:53:42 AM

A couple of months ago, I ordered a P05-1B4G cell phone from TinyDeal and I was very pleased with it for 2 or 3 weeks as I got almost everything working on it. It accepted both my simcards (operators TDC-Song and DNA here in Finland) and I use these SIM cards in older phones that dont support 3G network either so there is nothing wrong with the SIM cards.
The display got a couple of black lines after the first weeks, and I was offered to send the phone back for a replacement. Of course I had to pay for the shipping back to China :(. And the first replacement arrived after some 3 weeks. To my disappointment, this new replacement didn't support sms:ing in Swedish (my native language) and it didn't accept my SIM cards and again I was offered to send the phone back wich I did, and again I payed the shipment.
Today, the second replacement arrived and this phone supports the Swedish language, but it doesnt connect to the operator. I am prompted to write in my pin code and the phone accepts it, but when checking the network settings, it says on SIM 1 (if I have the language Swedish selected) "MTK" and in English "SIM1 Invalid". On SIM2 it says "SIM2 Invalid". It really is strange, as I can see the "Signal strength" marks in the top left corner of the screen, and those shows that the phone finds a carrier signal, but still it says that the SIM cards are invalid (even if they work in my other phones).
I tried to use a piece of paper to wipe the place were the SIM cards should be, but no luck, it doesn't help. I don't want to spend any more money on this phone now, I want a phone that is working! I have already spent too much on it as I have bought screen protectors, stylus pens, memory cards etc, etc, all to use with this phone and still I don't have a working phone...


Post at: 6/29/2011 9:39:45 PM

Here is the ploicy: Defective Item:

Please send your order detail to, then we will check and help you.

Here are some solution:

Please make sure that the sim card is not 3 or 3g network

If the SIM card can not be recognized by your phone,please use a paper or nail to wipe the SIM card and the card slot. Sometimes it is just a problem of connection.
please also check whether you have plugged the SIM card in the right way, please pay attention to the direction when you insert the sim card.
and try other sim card to check what the problem is.

You can restore the phone like this:
Setting-----restore setting----input password 0000(or 1122or1234).
And all the setting will all right.
If the problem is still unsolved, please let us know and we will follow up and work together to solve it.
Thank you.


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